Ju Ju Be Prepared Nappy Bag Wow WoW WOW!

Ju Ju Be Prepared Nappy Bag Review


Rock A Buy Baby Reviews – Post 5

This is the last review for Nappy Bags in Nesting Instincts 6 week Review for Nappy Bags. This week the review is on the Ju Ju Be Prepared Nappy Bag. Rock a Buy Baby Reviewed this bag in January 2013.

WOW WOW WOW, I’m in love! I’d have another baby just to have this nappy bag. JuJu if you are reading this post, send me a bag now! Please.

I love the print, it suits my personality. I know it won’t suit everyone, and that’s ok, but to me, I love. I also love that the material is Teflon coated and machine washable. I feel like they have combined my favouriate frying pan with my joy for machine washable items. I’m a bit messy you see and having something that will clean up is magic for me.

Ju Ju Be Prepared Nappy Bag

Picture from Rock A Buy Baby Reviews Website

You have to watch Rock a Buy Baby Reviews for the full details. I was so excited watching it I actually said “Wow Ho” in front of my Computer. I must say sorry to my little one’s, there were just a little surprised by my reactions.

The front pocket is a ‘dedicated to Mum section’, what a great idea. Then there’s the section for books, magazines, colouring books, again what a great idea. Then turn the bag around and you find your nappy change mat with it’s own dedicated deep pocket. This pocket actually has drainage pockets…who thought of this bag!

There are the usual side insulated pockets for baby bottles, drinks etc. However the perk for me were the lids for the pockets… what a great idea.

Now look inside – WOW the bag spreads out (not flat) when it opens. Then there are loads of mesh pockets on the inside, I believe a total of 6. And another deep pocket for other items. What you can’t fit in the pockets then goes into the middle of the bag. I’d recommend getting a smaller bag to organise  your things. Something like a wet/dry bag to hold your nappies, accessories and a change of clothing.

This product retails for $  199.95 Want to know where to buy the bag? find out at Rock A baby reviews.

Rock A Buy Baby Review state:


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Rock A Buy Baby Reviews

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